Saturday, January 31, 2009

Long days require a nap...

Had a busy day today. It started early in the morning at the tennis courts as I cheered for JW and SY at their tennis match. It was kinda boring during their warm-up, so I went around taking pictures :)

Picture 573 Picture 574 Picture 575

Picture 584


Then on to the Lunar New Year celebration in old Chinatown. Met up with Lilo and ate a ton of good Taiwanese food...also saw some lion dancing.

Picture 587

Picture 588 Picture 596


In the evening, we went to our first hockey game. Did you know that they sing both Canada's and US' national anthems? I thought it was because hockey started in Canada, but my friends said it was because there were so many Canadians on the team...I was the only one who thought that was odd.

Picture 604 Picture 605
Picture 603 Picture 607

Friday, January 30, 2009

Casual Fridays at the office

(boots, Arizona Jeans Company; shirt, Banana Republic; vest, Charlotte Russe; jeans, Gap; necklace, Macy's)

My office is generally pretty casual already but Fridays are even more so. Hawaiian shirts - need I say more. But for me Fridays I love jeans. But come on, how many does one really need? In recent years, I've been shying away from buying anymore...unless they are super cheap. I bought a pair of Mossimo Jeans at Target once for $7. $7!!!! I was flabbergasted. I used to wear it pretty often because they were extremely comfortable.

I had an exam earlier this morning. So I wore track pants and hooded sweatshirt. That was definitely not post-worthy. I redeemed myself at work. I tried on a couple of shirts but fell in love with this outfit. I feel like margaritas tonight! Cheers!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Confessions of a bargainholic

Miyu, Isis and I hung out at the big mall for a little bit this past weekend to scope out some good deals. I found a pair of beige boots tucked away in a random corner at Urban Outfitters, with its price handwritten on the box.  $39.99! What a great deal considering they were originally $150 online. Even though the box indicated they were sized 8.5 (I'm 8 for boots), I tried them on since I couldn't pass up on such an awesome deal. And they fit! Well, kinda. . .they would be a perfect fit with big thick socks.

So off to the cash register I went, ready to pay for my new steal. As the guy rang up the purchase, I noticed that the size indicated on the boots themselves were size 10 (versus 8.5 as indicated on the box)!! So I tried one side on again and realized. . .they were 1.5-2 inches longer than my normal shoe. Sigh, I'm a bargain hunter who does have a tendency of buying things that are sized a bit larger than I really am. . .but it would have been too ridiculous to buy those boots.

cheap boots

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy New Year (again)!

I just got back from Temple. Sy's cousin, Linh, wanted to dress in the traditional Vietnamese "ao dai" so I obliged. It's part dress and part pants. You can't eat much, if anything at all when you're wearing it. You have to suck it in and push "Betty and Susie" up to look good. The things we women do to look our very best.

I wish everyone good health, prosperity, success in achieving your resolutions and goals for the year. You guys have inspired me to dress a little better and be a little more feminine. I'm working on the not slouching part...I'm already short so no need to lose a couple of inches needlessly. :)

That blemish under my lower lip was self-inflicted. It was a little miniscule pimple that I tried to excavate from my face...not with much success as you can tell.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Official Miss America Judge

Isis, Shasha and I spent a few hours goofing off at the mall today. Isis was doing the Miss America wave while Shasha looks like she's doing the robot chop.

Picture 548

Random thoughts about our outfits:
- Isis found those awesome Ralph Lauren suede boots for a STEAL!!
- Shasha's top used to be a dress, but after 2 washes it's now a shirt
- And I just realized that we're all wearing our glasses today!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum

Today's color combo is brought to you by the game of Clue.

Picture 547  

Outfit: Gap grey pants & plum cardigan, JCrew mustard blouse, Nicole oxford shoes


By the way, these two recent outfits from The Sartorialist really struck me. I love the guy's use of colors and patterns and the woman's striped tights!

image image

Monday, January 19, 2009

Matchy matchy

Would you coordinate your outfit with your significant other's? I always thought it was kinda cheesy, but after looking at the outfit shots below, maybe it's not such a bad idea afterall.



(1st 2 images from, last image from

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Road Trip to St. Simons

Lilo and I went down to St. Simons this weekend for her friend's wedding. The island was beautiful and the weather was cool and breezy.

Picture 015

Picture 019

The reception was at the lighthouse and the band was totally awesome that night!

Picture 022

Picture 030 Picture 033

Picture 040 Picture 037

And here we are on the road back home. It was such a fun trip from beginning to end.

Picture 041 Picture 042

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crazy Paisley

This is probably the most pattern I've worn in a long time. In fact, I was so scared of wearing the dress by itself that I wore a brown cardigan on top...LOL. I'm also proud of myself of pulling out some gold jewelry - yay me for working on my new year's resolution!

Picture 518
Picture 539

Outfit: BR dress and sweater, Cole Haan pumps, Sarah Coventry tassle necklace

Worth a Kidney?

On a blog that I read almost everyday, The Clothes Horse has been interviewing some of her favorite bloggers.  And one of the questions she poses to them is, "Would you rather buy one designer piece or six vintage pieces?"  Usually, I would choose the six separate items if it's a choice of clothes, shoes or jewelry since you would get more bang for the buck!  The only with bags.  I'd rather go without shopping food in order to save up for a nice bag. 

Hello, my name is Miyu...and I'm a bagaholic. Here is my latest addiction: Chanel Classic Flap.


Of course, to justify the exorbitant cost I'm selling my kidney...haha, no just my claim on presents for the rest of 2009. WAIT, before you judge hear me out. The purse could cover this year's presents for Valentine's, our wedding anniversary (4 years!), our dating anniversary (10 years!!), my huge milestone birthday (!!!) and Christmas present. After all that, this would be considered a steal...right?!!?!


Locket in my Pocket

Someone, whose name rhymes with "never staying at my house again, ok?", suggested that I should stare at JW a little more. Which was quite prophetic, because I got a vintage locket last week and was planning to put in a picture of JW.  Finally, tonight I went through my photo albums and here's my new pretty locket!

Picture 495 Picture 519
Picture 493 Picture 484

Friday, January 9, 2009

Recap of week

Glad it's Friday and that I survived the week! Here are some random musings and outfits.

Miracle in booney-land. One night I opened up the fridge to reheat some roast pork leftovers for dinner but it was no where to be seen. So I checked the microwave, the oven, Erv's cage (sneaky pug), garbage can in case K threw it out like a crazy man. . .yet no pork was to be seen. Was it a mischievous crook, a sign from God, or some twilight zone-ish occurrence? Turns out the pork was hiding out in the cupboard. K apparently ate some for lunch, and absentmindedly put it in the cupboard. It's a miracle that we're adults living alone.

Slightly Goth. I felt kinda goth in this outfit. I think it was the boots that did it.

 010809010809 b

Design History sweater, Uniqlo skirt & heat tech tee, vintage bally boots

School Girl. I think it was the flats and slightly high-waisted skirt that made me feel like a school girl today.

010909 010909 b

Anthropologie shirt, Uniqlo skirt, UO flats

Contagious Taste? I chose some wacky UO booties as a gift for Apple, and they were actually approved by K! Even I thought these were pretty out there, but K liked them. I think maybe he's starting to get used to my taste. Do you think taste is ever contagious? I  think a lot of times we may start liking a style after seeing it more often. . .will Miyu show up in a bejeweled bib and horsey boots one day? Would love to see that :)

a booties

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bibs and Horses

Two trends in 2008 that I'm not sure I want to see more of in 2009: bejeweled bibs and horse-like shoes.  Though I'm on the fence about statement necklaces that were so big (literally) on the runways, how do they interpret in real life?  Can you imagine going to work with any of these on?  My co-workers would think I'm crazier than usual.  But, I do have limited experience with maybe I'm the one in the wrong.


Something that I do find a  little ridiculous though, are these fold-over boots and wedges. To me, they make legs look more like Clydesdale hooves than anything else...clip clop, clip clop.

image image
image  image
(Images from, Wikipedia, Jak & Jil Blog, FabSugar, Free People)