Friday, January 9, 2009

Recap of week

Glad it's Friday and that I survived the week! Here are some random musings and outfits.

Miracle in booney-land. One night I opened up the fridge to reheat some roast pork leftovers for dinner but it was no where to be seen. So I checked the microwave, the oven, Erv's cage (sneaky pug), garbage can in case K threw it out like a crazy man. . .yet no pork was to be seen. Was it a mischievous crook, a sign from God, or some twilight zone-ish occurrence? Turns out the pork was hiding out in the cupboard. K apparently ate some for lunch, and absentmindedly put it in the cupboard. It's a miracle that we're adults living alone.

Slightly Goth. I felt kinda goth in this outfit. I think it was the boots that did it.

 010809010809 b

Design History sweater, Uniqlo skirt & heat tech tee, vintage bally boots

School Girl. I think it was the flats and slightly high-waisted skirt that made me feel like a school girl today.

010909 010909 b

Anthropologie shirt, Uniqlo skirt, UO flats

Contagious Taste? I chose some wacky UO booties as a gift for Apple, and they were actually approved by K! Even I thought these were pretty out there, but K liked them. I think maybe he's starting to get used to my taste. Do you think taste is ever contagious? I  think a lot of times we may start liking a style after seeing it more often. . .will Miyu show up in a bejeweled bib and horsey boots one day? Would love to see that :)

a booties


Miyu said...

First off...welcome to FB land! You should put up our blog on your homepage. :)

I like the funky UO boots, and yes I do think my tastes change as I look at something more it can start looking better.

April said...

Ha! Thanks for the UO booties! They are indeed a bit wacky, but cool.

Anonymous said...

miyu, perhaps you should stare at JW a little more.


Hot Bot said...

Taste definitely rubs off! I mean...isn't that how the masses catch on to trends and what not?

And I dig the UO booties, not so wacky at all.

issa said...

SHOES so cute!