Friday, January 30, 2009

Casual Fridays at the office

(boots, Arizona Jeans Company; shirt, Banana Republic; vest, Charlotte Russe; jeans, Gap; necklace, Macy's)

My office is generally pretty casual already but Fridays are even more so. Hawaiian shirts - need I say more. But for me Fridays I love jeans. But come on, how many does one really need? In recent years, I've been shying away from buying anymore...unless they are super cheap. I bought a pair of Mossimo Jeans at Target once for $7. $7!!!! I was flabbergasted. I used to wear it pretty often because they were extremely comfortable.

I had an exam earlier this morning. So I wore track pants and hooded sweatshirt. That was definitely not post-worthy. I redeemed myself at work. I tried on a couple of shirts but fell in love with this outfit. I feel like margaritas tonight! Cheers!


In-tree-gue said...

I love the vest!

Miyu said...

I think your outfit is uber-cute! And what a great deal on the jeans :)

Shasha said...

I really love the color of your shirt!