Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Worth a Kidney?

On a blog that I read almost everyday, The Clothes Horse has been interviewing some of her favorite bloggers.  And one of the questions she poses to them is, "Would you rather buy one designer piece or six vintage pieces?"  Usually, I would choose the six separate items if it's a choice of clothes, shoes or jewelry since you would get more bang for the buck!  The only exception...is with bags.  I'd rather go without shopping food in order to save up for a nice bag. 

Hello, my name is Miyu...and I'm a bagaholic. Here is my latest addiction: Chanel Classic Flap.


Of course, to justify the exorbitant cost I'm selling my kidney...haha, no just my claim on presents for the rest of 2009. WAIT, before you judge hear me out. The purse could cover this year's presents for Valentine's, our wedding anniversary (4 years!), our dating anniversary (10 years!!), my huge milestone birthday (!!!) and Christmas present. After all that, this would be considered a steal...right?!!?!


Locket in my Pocket

Someone, whose name rhymes with "never staying at my house again, ok?", suggested that I should stare at JW a little more. Which was quite prophetic, because I got a vintage locket last week and was planning to put in a picture of JW.  Finally, tonight I went through my photo albums and here's my new pretty locket!

Picture 495 Picture 519
Picture 493 Picture 484


Shasha said...

I think you need to renegotiate your deal with JW. 10 years worth of dating anniversaries, 4 wedding anniversaries etc etc?! Remember that we're supposed to get better presents the longer we have been with them right? So you shouldn't sell yourself short. haha, what am I talking about? not like me & K really get presents for each other!

so K's banned from your house, but me & Ervy can stay right? what an odd comment from him. I think he must have stared at JW a lot, so he's suggesting you do the same. sigh, K has another "boyfriend" now. . .too many to count!

Miyu said...

Yep, you and Ervy are still welcome! It was an odd comment from K and I thought it was out of jealousy or something. JW, of course, misses K (and their hours of video gaming) terribly. :P

K said...

it was in response to your "I look at something more it can start looking better" and it was prophetic.

issa said...

*Sigh* i've been lusting over that bag for awhile now.. ONE DAY.