Thursday, July 23, 2009

Live, Freeze, or Die

So I went up to New England this past week, visiting several states. We started in New Hampshire (who's state motto is Live Free or Die...but the people there prefer the other motto). Here's our first night in New Hampshire, staying at an old Victorian inn...we were hoping it would be haunted.

DAMC Collaborator 001 DAMC Collaborator 002
(Strawberry & mango salad with candied ginger)


The next day we drove to Portsmouth on the coastal border of New Hampshire and Maine. The old town center was so cute with boutiques and waterfront restaurants.

DAMC Collaborator 003


My friend and I then also spent time in Connecticut. We had a quick stop at Mystic Seaport and then drove around to find a beach.

DAMC Collaborator 028 DAMC Collaborator 029


On our way, we also stopped at a farm stand which sold fresh fruits and vegetables. We bought some lovely local blueberries and couldn't resist this beautifully scrumptious home-made peach berry pie!

DAMC Collaborator 041


We found a small restaurant on a Rhode Island beach for some classic New England seafood!

DAMC Collaborator 031 DAMC Collaborator 033
(Friend clams and lobster roll with sweet potato fries)

DAMC Collaborator 035
(My friend couldn't resist dipping her toes in the Atlantic)