Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bibs and Horses

Two trends in 2008 that I'm not sure I want to see more of in 2009: bejeweled bibs and horse-like shoes.  Though I'm on the fence about statement necklaces that were so big (literally) on the runways, how do they interpret in real life?  Can you imagine going to work with any of these on?  My co-workers would think I'm crazier than usual.  But, I do have limited experience with maybe I'm the one in the wrong.


Something that I do find a  little ridiculous though, are these fold-over boots and wedges. To me, they make legs look more like Clydesdale hooves than anything else...clip clop, clip clop.

image image
image  image
(Images from, Wikipedia, Jak & Jil Blog, FabSugar, Free People)


Shasha said...

hi Miyu,

I'm laughing my head off. I actually love the bib necklace and the horsey foldover boots!

I like the bib necklace as long as it's flat and not too bulky. I like the 1st & 3rd on top, and all on the bottom :)
I like the 1st 2 foldover boots:

AsianCajuns said...

I like both of these trends too! But I can also see why they look a bit ridiculous ;)
I am currently waiting on a pair of Clydesdale booties and can't wait to clip clop in the them (the comparison is apt!).

Miyu said...

LOL! It's obvious I'm not the trendy one...ok, I'll give them another chance. :)

Lilo said...

I think some of the bejeweled bib necklaces could work. Maybe not the lacey one at work, but I do like the Betsey Johnson, Monsoon and Gerard Yosca. I don't think you need to feel self-conscious at work if you wear them... there are always questionable items worn at work :)

And I have seen those horsey boots.. and I will have to agree that some of them are just not pretty. But I think it really depends on how much they are folded. I actually like all the boots posted... except for the brown ones. Those REALLY remind of me a horse. haha.

I'm thinking about getting some mid-calf or knee-length boots to keep my legs warm. :) I think first though, I would have to get some skinny jeans though? Sigh, skinny jeans depress me... with my thick legs. I guess if my legs are covered in nice leather boots, it won't matter. haha.

Isis said...

I don't really have many accessories, except my Baby G watch, which I've had for years. I love scarves though, especially the long ones. You can do so many things with it.

virginia said...

the of my favorite clothing lines, but i've never seen the pieces in person :

necklaces, yes. boots, i don't think so...

The Clothes Horse said...

The necklaces are gorgeous. The shoes are a bit wacky, but in a fun way.