Saturday, January 31, 2009

Long days require a nap...

Had a busy day today. It started early in the morning at the tennis courts as I cheered for JW and SY at their tennis match. It was kinda boring during their warm-up, so I went around taking pictures :)

Picture 573 Picture 574 Picture 575

Picture 584


Then on to the Lunar New Year celebration in old Chinatown. Met up with Lilo and ate a ton of good Taiwanese food...also saw some lion dancing.

Picture 587

Picture 588 Picture 596


In the evening, we went to our first hockey game. Did you know that they sing both Canada's and US' national anthems? I thought it was because hockey started in Canada, but my friends said it was because there were so many Canadians on the team...I was the only one who thought that was odd.

Picture 604 Picture 605
Picture 603 Picture 607


Lilo said...

wow.. i have some squinty eyes!!! sigh

In-tree-gue said...

I love the picture of the fence.

And I do find it a bit odd that they played the Canadian National Anthem

Shasha said...

join the club Lilo! I swear mine get smaller every year.
your friends are cute thao!

L. said...

Why is it odd to everyone that they play the Canadian national anthem? Majority of the players are Canadian!

I would have thought you thought it was strange that I knew all the words to the Canadian anthem.

(and thanks, Shasha, if you mean us as the friends. :) )