Thursday, November 27, 2008

First Thanksgiving

This year we're spending Thanksgiving for the very first time in our house. Caleb is eyeing the turkey that's as heavy as he is.

Picture 025

Hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shoes & Belts

I've been shoe searching like crazy this past month - trying to find pairs that are not black and not like my typical work pumps. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. My boring shoe collection is not due to my lack of trying, but rather...I can't seem to find any that are comfortable!

Somehow though, I suddenly got this notion that I desperately need a pair of black of course.

Mary-Janes by ShopaholicHomebodies

Also, with all my new dresses lately I've been looking for more belts. I love these options: wide elastic, double buckle or double wrap belts.

Belts by ShopaholicHomebodies

Not Sold

I noticed the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag a few months ago as it started to be photographed on the arms of Hollywood starlets, but I didn't think much of it then. Now, everywhere I look it's popping up on purse and fashion blogs. I'm still not sold on the design, to me it's a messenger style that's gussied-up and taken off campus to be more trendy. What do you guys think?

PS1 - blackPS1 - white

I've also noticed the increased trend for these briefcase type bags across other designers to be carried as normal purses, more examples here:

Briefcase Bags by ShopaholicHomebodies

Friday, November 21, 2008


Forgive me, but I have a confession to make. I have been preoccupied for the past two nights with the Twilight series. Yes, the teeny-bopper vampire romance books. Gah - I'm thoroughly embarrassed by the fact that I'm enjoying them...thanks to Lilo, who introduced the books to me. She's going to see the midnight showing of the movie tonight - can't wait for her review!


I do feel guilty of falling for the vampire hero of the stories - Edward Cullen. He's like a mix between the elegance and attentiveness of Mr. Darcy and the passion and brashness of Gilbert two biggest character crushes. Plus, I do have a thing for vampires - like Larva from Vampire Princess Miyu.

Whoops, you guys probably don't want to hear about my silly ponderings...on to the fashion segment of this post.

I was most impressed a couple of days ago when my friend showed up to work in a hat! I had to snap a picture of her to show how totally stylish she looked.

RW in hat

ETA (11/26/2008): I have finished reading all 4 Twilight books and don't deny that all the purple prose has made me a little sick to my stomach. True, the writing is terrible, the plots are non-existent and the main character (Bella) makes me cringe...but who can resist sparkly vampire Edward?

A couple of links I want to share:
- The recaps from Cleolinda are even funnier than the original books, check them out here:
- The commentaries, reviews and links from this are LOLarious:

Monday, November 17, 2008

Resort Lines

Here are some of my favorites from the 2009 resort lines on

Burberry Prorsum
I'm really digging the colors here, lots of greys, mustards and an interesting combo of burgundy and lavender.


Vera Wang
Her interesting use of textures caught my eye - from structured satin to flowy georgette to wrinkly silk.


Sunday, November 16, 2008


One of my favorite fruits is the Rambutan, in Vietnamese we call them Chom Chom. We bought some today, aren't they pretty?

Picture 406

Here's the outfit I was so cold this morning!

Picture 335
Picture 388

Grey in the lead

I had claimed that blue was my favorite color. However, I need to face up to the facts, and confess that grey is actually my true love :)

When I shop at TJMaxx/Marshalls/Loehmanns, I always keep an eye out for a unique leather jacket at a reasonable price (~130 would be my price point). Though I have yet to find a fashionable one I am willing to shell out $ for, I figured I can dream about finding some similar to the ones below.

image1xl 2

dresses in grey. . .the right one is similar to something mrs. beckham wore. I guess that means it's pretty formfitting - eck, probably not comfortable :)

4 3

purses in grey. . .I think the 1st one is actually purple, but it looks grey to me :) I really want to touch the last one - it looks so soft.

11 12 10

shoes in grey . . . the first one has built-in socks! I wonder how they'll stay up through time though - may take tons of starch. . .

8 9 7

for Thao. . .purple stuff! they look so lucious - yum.

15 14

and for Lilo. . .the necklace below is from Disney couture! I love it!


. . .all items above are from . .

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Menswear from ASOS

A little sampling of men's clothes from ASOS. . .

would your guy wear a cardigan? I'm trying to get K to wear one, before he starts drinking lots of beer again and gains a pregnant belly. he may not go for the cardigan below, but I think he may agree to the grey jacket on the right.

17 18 19

what the heck - is the shirt below for some guy who wishes to accentuate his boobies? I don't get it. . .


if K gets the boots on the left, we can be a matchy matchy couple (I'm getting mine in brown because who knows what a klutz would do to light grey suede). I wouldn't mind having the exact same shoes on the right though I doubt we would be bold/lame enough to ever wear them together.

21 22

Morning Light

I'm trying to experiment with the camera, so you guys might be seeing some weirder photos.

Picture 162Picture 232

Outfit: BCBG skirt (mauve), Ann Taylor Loft blouse (rose)

Friday, November 14, 2008

2 misses

I found a winner, I found a winner, I found a weiner. . .(or so I thought)

I must have been on crack or something. . .on Tuesday night, I tried to find options to make this frilly f21 dress work in the winter, and was so excited when I settled on the final look. However, when I put it on to go to work the next day, I ended up feeling a little silly. . .and instead swapped the dress for a more demure BR one, with rounded toe pumps.

Anyways, onto the details of my original wackier outfit captured in the pics below. I love this f21 dress, but man does it love to showcase my belly pooch! my momma saw me try that dress on, and told me to go get some granny fat-banishing panties. to add salt to the injury, there's this big iron/starch mark right smack in the middle of the belly section. I can't believe I was so blind that I didn't see it while at the store -- the ruffles must have distracted me. anyhow, the sweater is from AE, and I doubled up on the tights (crochet tights over grey ones).

I was so excited about this outfit (I told you I must have been on crack or something!) on Tuesday night that I happily and lightly stomped around the house, singing "I found a winner. . .I found a winner. . ." which somehow morphed into "I found a weiner. . .I found a weiner. . ." maybe it was my hawaiian/fobby accent coming out, who knows!



What not to wear . . .BIG thumbs down!

I should not have even bothered with this outfit, but I thought I would give it a go -- it was raining cats & dogs and no one would notice my outfit anyways.

- 6 year old grey pants from Express. HORRIBLE fit around the belly area, and it is too short even with the lowest heels. Unfortunately, I have another pair of these, in beige. I knew long ago that they had to go, but I tried to make it work today. It's officially leaving my closet!

- cropped trench-style jacket. I must have been mesmerized by the price, because this jacket doesn't look good on me. it's a little bit too cropped, the shoulder pads are too obvious, etc. I tried to pawn it off on my momma since she's much shorter and it wouldn't look cropped on her, but it was rejected without even being tried on! maybe I'll try again in Dec when I see her.

- only part of my outfit I'm keeping is my trusty blue 8 year old jcrew sweater. not a perfect fit either, but I'll hold onto it. . .

I felt like a dork the whole day!

P1000386 P1000389

side note. . .the Ervster somehow understands what I'm doing now when I whip out the camera. He now tries to crash my pictures, and even looks at the camera waiting for it to go off. what a camera hog ;)