Monday, January 19, 2009

Matchy matchy

Would you coordinate your outfit with your significant other's? I always thought it was kinda cheesy, but after looking at the outfit shots below, maybe it's not such a bad idea afterall.



(1st 2 images from, last image from


Miyu said...

I think couples start being more like after being together for a long time, it's like they subconsciously want to look like the other person. JW and I have walked out the door and then realized we had picked the same color palette, LOL!

Lilo said...

Maybe you and K should try out that pink button up, suspenders look :) Only that look because I can't imagine K with pink hair nor wearing a long blue coat that looks like a dress.. hehe. Of course I think you, Sasha, can pull all of these looks off! :)

we wear things said...

haha if me and hubby do it's completely by accident.. we'd quite avoid it at all costs