Tuesday, May 26, 2009


K and I are moving on to the next stage of our lives. . .OUT OF THE BOONIES! FINALLY! We're moving up to NY for a year then onto St. Louis. . .The packing/moving process is inducing frequent panic attacks, so K and I have been finding other distractions to avoid the unavoidable. Hence I am finally blogging :)

I got sick of my long hair and entrusted some random stylist in Barcelona to chop it off for me. I'm sure the stylist was on drugs - he kept asking me to point out which hair style I wanted and his cutting method was just madness. My momma thought he was a design genius when she saw him cutting some other girl's hair and I guess he is artsy but perhaps too crazy for me. Check it out.

I was extremely nervous when K kept saying "INteresting. . ." while the cut was in process. I finally realized the sides & back were unusual - it kinda looked like a modified bowl haircut from the front. Oh well, at least hair grows out!

Other images from Barcelona/Bilbao. . .

Short story for the Sagrada Familia pic above. . .K had to get down real low to take the pic of me with the building in the background, but it was absolutely hilarious to see the guy next to us get down that low. That guy had some skills!

With the wacky hair, I have been leaning towards more androgynous/monochromatic-ish outfits. I finally wore a Pleats Please mini from my momma (I wimped out and just wore them with leggings, nothing special) and asked K if I looked presentable for church. His comment was yeah, for NY but not for here!

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Bye bye to the boonies! The only things I will miss about this place is:

1) The spicy jaja mein from this korean restaurant in town

2) Lack of traffic here

3) The super-casual restaurant down the road (we're talking park benches, paper plates, and graffiti encouraged everywhere) that serves tons of fried seafood.

Just 10 more days!