Saturday, January 24, 2009

Official Miss America Judge

Isis, Shasha and I spent a few hours goofing off at the mall today. Isis was doing the Miss America wave while Shasha looks like she's doing the robot chop.

Picture 548

Random thoughts about our outfits:
- Isis found those awesome Ralph Lauren suede boots for a STEAL!!
- Shasha's top used to be a dress, but after 2 washes it's now a shirt
- And I just realized that we're all wearing our glasses today!


Shasha said...

hahaha, we look like dorks :)

hey, my legs are kinda sore from tip-toeing for that pic! ah, took a lot of work to look like I was wearing the crown :)

Isis said...

even with my boots I'm still the shortest one. It was fun. I'll model my finds soon but in the meantime enjoy some pictures from tonight's Temple celebration.

Lilo said...

Thank goodness I didn't join you guys on Saturday! I was wearing a long sleeved sorority t-shirt and jeans all day. You guys look really cute!

April said...

shasha - do i have the same dress/shirt as you? my momma gave me a bunch of new clothing when she got here on monday and she said you picked out some of them for moi! thank you! i love all of them.