Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Confessions of a bargainholic

Miyu, Isis and I hung out at the big mall for a little bit this past weekend to scope out some good deals. I found a pair of beige boots tucked away in a random corner at Urban Outfitters, with its price handwritten on the box.  $39.99! What a great deal considering they were originally $150 online. Even though the box indicated they were sized 8.5 (I'm 8 for boots), I tried them on since I couldn't pass up on such an awesome deal. And they fit! Well, kinda. . .they would be a perfect fit with big thick socks.

So off to the cash register I went, ready to pay for my new steal. As the guy rang up the purchase, I noticed that the size indicated on the boots themselves were size 10 (versus 8.5 as indicated on the box)!! So I tried one side on again and realized. . .they were 1.5-2 inches longer than my normal shoe. Sigh, I'm a bargain hunter who does have a tendency of buying things that are sized a bit larger than I really am. . .but it would have been too ridiculous to buy those boots.

cheap boots


Miyu said...

Seeing them again here reminded me of how cute they were! Awww, hopefully they will go on sale online?

Lilo said...

I'm so guilty of that... buying things that aren't a perfect fit or doesn't totally look that great on me due to the price tag. I'm such a bargain whore....I think the color on those boots are great. But yeah, I'm sure you would have fallen or tripped in size 10 shoes. :P

Isis said...

I'm a bargain whore too. Did you get anything at Banana?

I bought two dresses and two cardigans.

Shasha said...

no, I didn't get anything from BR. I almost succumbed to a silk dress that was on sale for 22.50 though (From ~120). . .good thing I didn't get it b/c it made me look kinda old :)