Friday, May 14, 2010

Needed: Avocado Recipes

Went to market this past weekend...though not the local market because I've been told it's too crazy and I need a local to go with me the first time. This place is open 24 hours and is located inside a tiny "mall." It mainly caters to the ex-pat crowd, but offers almost everything you may want. Prices for local food items are ok, but if you want the familiar brands, then you'll be paying an hefty price. Nutella sells for $11 compared to $3 state side.

Rwanda 2010 007


I wanted to try the local peanut butter and strawberry jam, which was a huge disappointment! The peanut butter was too oily and the jam had an acrid, fake-sugary taste. What has been good are the eggs and vegetables. Here's my first attempt to cook an omelet in my little kitchen.

Rwanda 2010 010


What's really amazing is that my street is lined with avocado trees! I see kids climbing for the fruit as I walk to work each morning. Here's the front of my apartment and the gorgeous avocados tempting me. My only wish is that I can find condensed milk.

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