Tuesday, May 18, 2010


There's a great art gallery near my apartment, called Ivuka, featuring local Rwandan and Ugandan artists. The space is pretty cool; it's perched on a hill overlooking the one and only golf course in Kigali. There are some artists that live/work in the back studios and some of the gallery's proceeds help support local neighborhood children.

Rwanda 2010 022

Rwanda 2010 031 Rwanda 2010 029 Rwanda 2010 033


Rwanda 2010 027 Rwanda 2010 034


There's an artist that I really like, J. Juuko, here are some of his pieces:

Rwanda 2010 023 Rwanda 2010 025

Rwanda 2010 035 Rwanda 2010 028


I ended up buying one from him along with another artist. There's a lot of texture in these paintings that's probably hard to see:

Rwanda 2010 017 Rwanda 2010 016 


Here are some of the local children hanging around the art gallery:

Rwanda 2010 038 Rwanda 2010 042

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