Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On the Hunt

I finally have internet again! Supposedly a bird had knocked out the cable from the roof...this is actually a plausible reason. I have been amazed with the variety and amount of birds I have seen around Kigali. I need to try and take pictures of them, but there is a huge black and white crow that wakes you up with it's loud cawing at 5am. I've also seen swarms (as in hundreds) of hawks circling areas around the city, makes you wonder what they're preying on.

Anyway, I wanted to share my first fun/fashion-related purchase. I met a girl who runs women cooperatives around Rwanda and helps them develop crafts to sell for fair prices. She recently got an huge order from Ralph Lauren (link to story)to make these leaf bracelets (they come in different colors, depending on which part of the banana leaf is stripped):

Rwanda 2010 001 Rwanda 2010 002

Rwanda 2010 003

I got them at a fraction of the price I'm sure they will be selling for at RL stores!


I'm also on the hunt for interesting buffalo horn jewelry. I had seen this site: and love her pieces! I'm hoping that I can find similar designs around Kigali at the craft markets. Aren't they beautiful?

  image image image

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