Saturday, February 14, 2009

Eating my words

So I think I mentioned in the past that my momma has trendier taste than me. She would come home with some crazy new item, and I would give her the "what the?!" look along with the proclamation that no way would I ever want to borrow that item from her! She would always just smugly tell me "wait and see. . .you'll like it when you're older!".  Now at 29 years of age, I have learned that I do eventually come around to the items she purchased -- I usually lag behind her by a couple years.

Here's one example. . .she bought this crazy triangle-shaped green leather purse when I was in high school -- my bro and I thought it was the wackiest slightly cowboy-ish thing ever. This winter when I went back home, I searched around for the bag so that I could borrow it (note - this is over 10 years after she bought it!). But alas. . .it was so old that the purse was peeling and unrepairable so she had recently booted it from her collection. Sigh, I guess I should listen to my momma more.

Here's a more recent example. . .this time I only lagged behind her by 6 months thank goodness. About 6 months ago, she was eyeing this coat tailed/equestrian jacket jacket at Zara. I refused to let her get it. . .mainly because she is short (maybe around my ear height?) and I thought the coat tail would be too long for her. Anyways, 6 months later I saw it on sale, so I bought it with the excuse that we would both share it :) There's no way she could wear it in Hawaii but hey, she could wear it when she visits the mainland!

13Feb09 13Feb09 2 

On a side note, we've been exploring options for how to get our puggy to Hawaii if K ends up matching there. . .Man are the options limited for heat-sensitive dogs! Looks like my best option may be to fly him out from LA with Continental but even then it's pretty risky considering airlines sometimes leave pets out on the tarmac for too long. . .There are a couple charter flights available for pets, but they sure are expensive! I think I'll have to be put on tranquilizers myself, when he flies in cargo :)



Fashion Therapist said...

I love the cut of the jacket!!!

Miyu said...

Let me just mention that when your momma was trying on that coat, I said it was awesome, but no one listened to me. I'm glad to see that you came to your senses! LOl, JK.

virginia said...

that is one gorgeous jacket!

if/when you end up in HI, i think you should devote several posts to your momma's closet (and art).

erv...that is a dilemma.