Monday, February 9, 2009

Grown men & their Snoopys

So how many adult men do you know would want cute ol' Snoopy on something they own?

My hubby mentioned last night that one of his bro's friends has an Omega Snoopy watch,and that he wouldn't mind owning one either. I thought it was just the name of the model, but nope, the watch really has Snoopy on it (small one on the face, enlarged one on the back)! I was befuddled at first, wondering why guys would want Snoopy on their watches. After taking a look at it though, I want hubby to get one too so that I can wear it too :)


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So here's the story behind the Snoopy on the Omega Speedmaster watch:

Omega received the Snoopy Award from NASA for its contribution to the space program. Omega Speedmasters were already worn by astronauts on space missions starting in the 1960s, but their function and reliability were integral to the successful return of Apollo 13 in 1970. During the Apollo 13 mission, an oxygen tank explosion had rendered all time tools useless on the shuttle. . .except for an Omega Speedmaster, which helped the crew keep track of the exact second when they had to fire the re-entry rockets in order to return safety back to earth. To commemorate the award, Omega produced only 5,441 pieces and I want one!


April said...

are you serious. K-W-E wants a snoopy watch? granted we used to have this matching snoopy outfit, his was in yellow, luke's was in blue and mine was in pink, but still.

Miyu said...

Ooooh, how much is one? That would be an awesome piece of history to own! It's cute, but the reason behind it makes it much more valuable. but why did NASA use Snoopy as an award?

Lilo said...

OOoooo.. what an awesome story! I can actually see a lot of guys wanting Snoopy watches because I think guys were pretty into Charlie Brown growing up right? I can totally see my brother sporting this watch too.

I've contemplated about getting a Disney-related watch before....but then I think, I would scare people with my Disney fanaticism. hehe

K said...

I would prefer the Speedmaster without the Snoopy. But the story is pretty cool and at the right price, I want one!


K said...

see all the watches that have been worn in space.

issa said...

OMG how kute!!!

Isis said...

very cute! I want one for myself.