Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dacryostenosis - also known as a blocked tear duct blocked tear duct has made me wear glasses since Christmas and it's getting to me. This is the longest I've had to go without my contacts since middle school and they make me feel frumpy. I tried to wear something preppy and ended up looking like a school-girl, but in a bad way. HA!

Picture 609


Here's my outfit from this weekend when we visited the land of Mickey again. We went down to pick up Caleb, who is regretting having to come up to cold weather and no more yummy snacks.

Picture 616


Shasha said...

haha,caleb looks like a wild man with his long bangs :) must had fun being spoiled by the grandparents!
hey, I just realized you look younger w/ your glasses.
hope your tear ducts get better soon. . .

Dru!!! said...

haha thanks! The muffin top pants, I have given them away and will never speak of them again

K said...

get that needle down that tear duct!