Thursday, February 19, 2009

anger is but one letter away from danger

I forgot where I saw this quote, but it made me laugh. You know what else makes me laugh...Cash Cab. The quiz show that takes place in a NYC taxi cab. It's on Discovery Channel and I rush home to watch it after work every day. I always root for the nice contestants and the elderly ones. Every time I'm in NYC, I'm constantly on the look-out for the taxi in hopes of being on the show (and I promise that if I get on, I will not go "wooo!!" after each correct answer - that really irritates me).

 Picture 627  Picture 624
Picture 636

Outfit: JCrew sweater, BR skirt, Seychelles shoes


Shasha said...

wooo (haha - at least you can't hear me saying that right?) I really like your sweater! and your skirt seems to go w/ the painting :)

L. said...

You do love bows, don't you? :)