Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mish Mash

Today's outfit. . .brown on top. . .brown on bottom.

I dug this sweater out from my closet - I've been putting off on wearing it because it is pretty tight. I wore it, thinking I would have my coat over it all day since it is like 20 degrees here today!

Erv is looking a little geriatric. He's only 3 years old yet he already has a white beard. Poor kid.

4Feb09 4Feb09 2

Design History sweater, taiwan night market tights, modern vintage boots


Last Friday's outfit. . .Little House on the Prairie-ish. 

I felt like a little girl in the country. . .I think it was the print on the dress - it makes me think of a field of grass blowing in the wind.

31Jan0931Jan09 2  31Jan09 3

UO dress & boots, A&F cardie, taiwan night market tights


Isis said...

I like the UO dress on the bottom. It looks super comfy and cute.

Miyu said...

The prairie dress is so fitting of where you guys live. Haha...jk. I like your dress :)

Miyu said...

Hey...are those brown boots new?

Shasha said...

isis - it's super comfortable!

gosh Miyu, you know my closet quite well :) Y, they are!I found them on Piperlime for 50% off (and $100 cheaper than other sites' sales!). It was too good to be true -- I kept expecting an email saying they had no more in stock. . .

Nina (femme rationale) said...

love the sweater dress. and is erv your little pooch? he is ADORABLE!

Fashion Therapist said...

I love that blueish gray dress.