Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Playing in my momma's closet

As expected, I was super lazy while in Hawaii. As predicted, I ended up wearing tees, shorts, and slippahs most of the time. Thanks goodness I played in my momma's closet before I totally morphed back into my lazy ol' self! I'm convinced that I am lazy at dressing up when it is hot.

I tried on my momma's clothes from a Korean boutique in town. In the 2nd pic, I'm pointing to a childhood pic of me and my bro. My bro was rocking the classic bowl haircut while I had sweet natural curls. Note the significant difference in the size of our eyes! AND I'm the only one in my family without double eyelids. No fair! I guess I just have to console myself by being grateful that I don't have chest hair like he does haha.


Here is me and my other "bro", Bei-Bei. This dude's haircut costs way more than mine! Maybe I should just move to Hawaii and be a dog haircutter.

mommas closet 5

Below are my momma's aborigine necklaces and bracelet. I'm going to borrow some of them, since she hasn't worn them for probably a decade! She also has this necklace made out of wooden beads with amusing faces carved into them, but I couldn't find it :(

I found this clutch tucked away in the storage room. Definitely borrowing it!

Too bad my momma doesn't have any boots for me to play with :)


April said...

ooo nice purse! is that a christian dior?

Miyu said...

Bei-Bei is pretty darn cute - what kind of dog is he? Also, I love your parent's painting that's behind you.

April said...

oh and beibei is so freaking adorable. I want one!

Shasha said...

A - it sure is -- it's like 20 something years old!
if bei-bei was mine, you could take him haha. he's sooo hyper.

M - he's a pomeranian. The painting is another Tres Taylor. It's huge - only 1/2 of it is in the pic. K wants to steal it :)

virginia said...

so, the "art love" is genetic...i love that painting!

i want a tour of your mom's closet...