Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Resolutions

So it's New Year's Eve and resolutions are on my mind. I tried last year to start taking vitamins...and lasted almost 5 months! But once the vitamin bottles were complete, I never made it back to the store for refills. LOL.

This year, I'm thinking of making a fashion resolution. I usually don't wear make-up nor much jewelry (I tend to like simple stuff like pearls or studs and an occasional ring). But maybe this is the year that I make an effort to look more polished. Which resolution should I *TRY* this year? I'm afraid doing both would be too stressful...haha.

Are you guys planning to make any resolutions for 2009? Maybe I should just go back to my vitamins. :P

Though, today I did take the initiative and wore a necklace!

Picture 447
Picture 463 Picture 469

Outfit: UO grey dress, BR sweater, Seychelles shoes, Tibetan necklace


The Clothes Horse said...

That is a gorgeous necklace. Good luck with your resolutions...I always end up making mine after the year has begun.

yulanda said...

It's a beautiful necklace. I never make resolutions -- I know I'll just break them :\

Oh wait, in 2007 I did. But I brought it within seconds of 2008 (it was to stop eating when I was already full, haha).

Isis said...

I'm bad about taking my vitamins too. I'm trying to settle on a resolution as well.