Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mouse Shoes

My new flats remind me of mice...they're grey and have little ears!

Picture 156 Picture 165

Picture 153

Outfit: Old Navy lace skirt & swing jacket, Zara grey flats

Le Petit Prince

I just found out from my friend, Tokyo Star Girl, about these totally cute shoes from Melissa! They're currently sold out, but hopefully I'll get them once they're back in stock. Do you remember reading The Little Prince for the very first time? The story is so timeless and reminds me of the innocence of our youth.

image image


tokyostargirl said...

How wonderful! I'll be able to keep up with you now! =)

yulanda said...

They're really cute! I love them. From Zara?

Miyu said...

Yup, those mouse flats are from Zara on sale! :)

issa said...

awww love those 'mouse' flats!! and hey.. i know tokyostargirl too .. haha :)

hope y'all have a happy new years!!

Miyu said...

Issa, tokyostargirl and I grew up together in Houston and after many years apart we reconnected recently on Facebook. Then I realized that she's one of the writers on your blog...small world! :)

AsianCajuns said...

I love the shape of your flats - they look so delicate.

I really want a pair of the Little Prince flats. They actually look comfortable.

Fashion Therapist said...

Your flats are way cute and Le Petit Prince is one of my fave books!! Love that they have those shoes.

Amelia said...

Very cute flats, I'll get a pair of tan/beige ones for spring :)

virginia said...

i love the mouse flats!

it would be fun to draw on a pair of black satin shoes.

Shasha said...

woo, they should make some flats with material that you can use chalk on!
I really like your zara flats & the little prince ones.