Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm an aunty!

Michael Emmanuel was born 2 weeks ago, with a full head of hair and huge eyes (inherited from my bro and his wife). Craziness, I can't believe my bro has a little one. They've been calling him Mikey, and I've been calling him M-Em (like M&Ms hehe).

I've always been a little nervous about having my own kids, but I'm starting to realize it's not so bad afterall, especially with extra helping hands around. However, I'm still hoping for a miracle within the next 1-2 years, that someone will invent some baby incubation device (so women can avoid the birthing process should they choose to do so) or for men to be pregnant. I guess I have to admit I'm a WIMP :)

Anyways, this is a pic of M-Em's uncle. Bei-bei belongs to my parents, and boy is he one hyper dude. He turns around in circles at least 300 times a day and never tires of playing fetch. Are you curious how he got his name? My parents couldn't figure out what to name him, so I had jokingly suggested to name him Bei-bei ("white" in Taiwanese), because he used to be snow white at that time. Little did I know that my parents would take my suggestion seriously!


Miyu said...

Yay!! New baby in the family, so cute. And I can't believe you just said you're ready...did I hear that right, I'm sure that's what you meant...can't wait to be an auntie for your baby next year!

virginia said...

P looked like that...eyebrows appeared many years later.

beautiful name...

like the nike slogan: just do it! the time is rarely perfect.

razielle said...

Oh my i can't stand dogs but that puppy is ADORABLE.

And your little nephew is too precious.

It's tough having a baby- not just the process of giving birth. I struggled during the first two years. I was always at my wit's end and was never certain about anything. (Of course I live in the Philippines where everyone has an opinion about how you should raise your child :p)

But now my daughter is 3 and most days are now painless :p. I like taking her to restaurants and making her seat opposite me so we can carry a conversation like we're both adults.

But there are still days when I want to strangle her :)I don't of course.

April said...

aw beibei! he's still so cute!
I showed a pic of M-Em to P and said, hey look, he's just like you were - super cute with a full head of hair!