Sunday, December 28, 2008

101 Dalmatians

This skirt reminds me of Dalmatian spots, no? We went out to dinner last night and I forgot to bring a purse or even a wallet. It was disconcerting...made me feel naked without any of the usual staples (cell phone, ID, lip gloss, keys) and yet it was also surprisingly very liberating. You guys ever go places without your purse?

Picture 144

Outfit: BR sweater & sandals, Black Market/White House skirt


Anonymous said...

shasha does it all the time when she comes out w/ me. and then i'll realize that i can't drink beer b/c she doesn't have her license w/ her.


Anonymous said...

booo!! I only do it in the hicktown - who needs anything there?

Tiffany said...

cute!! I can't go anywhere w/o my purse! I've never done it and doubt I ever will. I always need my arsenal of accessories and makeup that I keep in my purse.

the wallet tho, I can leave at home and let my husband pay for everything. ;)

issa said...

love this look.. the skirt is fantastic!

Fashion Therapist said...

Thanks for the comment!!! I like the print in that skirt a lot!