Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lunch Together

Lilo and I went to lunch at Chef Liu's today. She thought her outfit was weird, but I think it's really cute! Sorry for the bad picture, it's from my phone camera.

Lilo's outfit: Old Navy dress, Rampage bag, dunno about sweater.
Thao's outfit: Ann Taylor sweater & pants, Target blouse, Botkier Sasha.


And on my way home tonight, I heard this new song, Love Lockdown, from it!


Anonymous said...

NICE outfit Lilo! I like your bag -- is it purple?
Chef Liu's. . .yum. . .I really want some hot soymilk and some leek dumplings.

Lilo said...

You could say my sweater is vintage from my Mom.. haha. Who knows how long she has had it. My bag is burgundy with stripes in lighter burgundy and grey. I really love my bag, it's keeping my Botkier Sasha lust in tow.
Hopefully we can eat some good Asian food when you come into town, Sasha!

Thao, we are so cheesy. hahaha what a great picture.