Friday, November 14, 2008

2 misses

I found a winner, I found a winner, I found a weiner. . .(or so I thought)

I must have been on crack or something. . .on Tuesday night, I tried to find options to make this frilly f21 dress work in the winter, and was so excited when I settled on the final look. However, when I put it on to go to work the next day, I ended up feeling a little silly. . .and instead swapped the dress for a more demure BR one, with rounded toe pumps.

Anyways, onto the details of my original wackier outfit captured in the pics below. I love this f21 dress, but man does it love to showcase my belly pooch! my momma saw me try that dress on, and told me to go get some granny fat-banishing panties. to add salt to the injury, there's this big iron/starch mark right smack in the middle of the belly section. I can't believe I was so blind that I didn't see it while at the store -- the ruffles must have distracted me. anyhow, the sweater is from AE, and I doubled up on the tights (crochet tights over grey ones).

I was so excited about this outfit (I told you I must have been on crack or something!) on Tuesday night that I happily and lightly stomped around the house, singing "I found a winner. . .I found a winner. . ." which somehow morphed into "I found a weiner. . .I found a weiner. . ." maybe it was my hawaiian/fobby accent coming out, who knows!



What not to wear . . .BIG thumbs down!

I should not have even bothered with this outfit, but I thought I would give it a go -- it was raining cats & dogs and no one would notice my outfit anyways.

- 6 year old grey pants from Express. HORRIBLE fit around the belly area, and it is too short even with the lowest heels. Unfortunately, I have another pair of these, in beige. I knew long ago that they had to go, but I tried to make it work today. It's officially leaving my closet!

- cropped trench-style jacket. I must have been mesmerized by the price, because this jacket doesn't look good on me. it's a little bit too cropped, the shoulder pads are too obvious, etc. I tried to pawn it off on my momma since she's much shorter and it wouldn't look cropped on her, but it was rejected without even being tried on! maybe I'll try again in Dec when I see her.

- only part of my outfit I'm keeping is my trusty blue 8 year old jcrew sweater. not a perfect fit either, but I'll hold onto it. . .

I felt like a dork the whole day!

P1000386 P1000389

side note. . .the Ervster somehow understands what I'm doing now when I whip out the camera. He now tries to crash my pictures, and even looks at the camera waiting for it to go off. what a camera hog ;)


thao said...

You really made me laugh this morning. I can't really tell your fictional belly pouch, but from these pics your Tues outfit doesn't look so bad. I like the tights combo! Your other outfit isn't so terrible. But it's funny that you will try to give it to your mom.

Lilo said...

I agree with Thao, you're thumbsdown outfit doesn't look bad from the pictures. I think you could wear that work or something. I love how the dogs are in the pictures! Nice accessory :) I need to find more interesting tights, yours are awesome!