Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ROY G. BIV without the O&V

I almost hit all the colors of the Roy G. Biv spectrum today.

the belt sat in my car glove compartment for months before I finally went to get extra holes punched. . .

the shirt I got for $11 bucks at GAP, but for some reason I got it in a size too big. probably because I was being an extreme cheap-o and planning ahead for any shrinkage or extra fat padding during the winter months.

the blue wool pants have lived in my closet for the past 4 years. again, too big, but I was being a cheap-o and planning ahead (I know - I'm so weird!). or, maybe I get stuff too big because I hate being uncomfortable after a big meal of chicken wings. anyways, I was so excited when I found them because the brand is the same as hubby's last name, except with a Q. . .

P1000362 12Nov08

BONUS POINTS!!! Though I have had this vintage bracelet for at least 5 years, I wore it for the first time today. It was my momma's momma's.



Lilo said...

What a great outfit Shasha! You really have some great pieces in your wardrobe...and I LOVE that bracelet, it's really beautiful. That's so funny you plan for the future by buying things too big. Haha, I do the exact opposite.. I probably buy it a little too small, thinking I'm going to lose weight. Maybe we should switch clothes. ;)

thao said...

Lovely bracelet and a nice mix of colors! Funny about wearing looser clothes for a big meal...gee, you sound like someone I know. JW maybe? :)

yulanda said...

I agree with the others, you look great here. When I was younger, I remember buying clothes bigger so I would "grow into them". It took me a while to realize I was no longer growing and that most of my clothes were too big!

Anonymous said...

Lilo - let's switch!
Thao - yeah, great foodie minds think alike haha
Yulanda - haha, I think I stopped growing (height-wise) over 10 years ago. Width-wise however. . .slowly but surely I'll fit :) I should get over it though, because who knows whether I'll still want to wear something 10 years from now?