Friday, June 5, 2009


We recently traveled to Taiwan to visit family and the trip turned into an eating fest...which always seems to happen.  This is only my second trip to JW's homeland and it was great to see all the relatives.  We were taken to several unique places along with some interesting food, so here's a quick recap.

For a more in-depth photo gallery, go here.


Favorite Places
(Public hot springs foot bath, Yehliu Park, National Palace Museum, Taroko Gorge, Shinto temple, Shilin night market)

Taiwan - May 2009


Favorite Foods
(Shaved ice with red bean and taro, Oyster omelettes, Steamed pork buns; Shaved ice with mango and custard, Sesame meat buns, Onion pancake)



Favorite Photos
(Cleansing fountain at Shinto temple, Ceramic exhibit at Taiwan Modern Art Museum, Family at Pine Garden, Making sesame wraps, Entrance at Confucius temple)

Taiwan - May 20091

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Lilo said...


Your pictures are awesome! You travelled all over the country it looks like

Can't wait for my turn...