Friday, June 12, 2009

Buffalo Wings

I was in Buffalo, NY this week for a conference. Besides for being known as the birth place for buffalo wings and the gateway into Niagara Falls, there's not much else. It was pretty depressing since everywhere I went there signs that the city is slowing dying. It once was a major top ten city is the US, but within the later half of the century has fallen on hard times. As I walked through the empty lots and buildings for rent, I could still see the beautiful architecture that had once put this city on the map.


I got to explore the huge city hall, which was eerily empty.

Buffalo, NY - June 2009


Also went to see the Pierce-Arrow car museum. I don't know much about cars, but that red Thunderbird was drool worthy.

Buffalo, NY - June 20091


And of course, when in Rome...or rather, Buffalo, you have to eat wings at the Anchor Bar!

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yulanda said...

I agree that it's sad about Buffalo. I've always thought the city had beautiful architecture and it wasn't just about the Walden Galleria mall in the suburbs (where all Canadian's head to when they say they're going to Buffalo).

Lilo said...

The buffalo wings look GOOODDD... and you look pretty happy in the picture with them. It's the biggest smile I've seen yet in these pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

ah, so sad about Buffalo. . .

I love the pic of you & your chix wings, so cute!


Isis said...

those wings look huge!