Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ode to UO

I LOVE Urban Outfitters.

K's friend happened to comment last week that UO is mainly for college kids, and Barney's is more appropriate for our age group. I guess I never really shopped at UO while in college, since we didn't have one in town back then. Maybe I'm now out of its target age group, but I rediscovered UO again through Chictopia a couple months ago, and have been absolutely obsessed recently to the point where I know UO added new stuff to their website several times this week! I guess I should feel better knowing that I'm technically saving money by being obsessed with UO rather than Barney's since stuff at Barney's is so pricey!

Onto the important part. . .SHOES!

I love the ones below. . .

14817084_04_d15319494_21_b 14978167_01_b

I think Lilo would look great in these. . .perfect for people who go out partying :)

the boots look like they would match the Botkier Kika she was eyeing

Lilo Lilo 2 14705172_04_b

How about these, Thao? I love the grey boots the most out of the bunch below.

15318090_23_bThao 14569602_60_b


yulanda said...

I've been eyeing so many of the pairs of shoes you posted! I still shop at UO even though I'm definitely not in college anymore. I'm not making the kind of money needed to shop at Barney's.

thao said...

Barney's?? I wish i could afford Barney's...UO is more affordable, though some of the nicer stuff is still out of my price range. I like those grey boots the best too!

Shopaholic Homebodies said...

yeah :( Barney's ain't in my range either! unless it's like a $5 hair pin on sale at the Barney's outlet or something :(

I still need to check out H&M. . .maybe next time I'm in the big city!

Alya said...

I dont think UO is entirely for college kids. I shop from it a lot, and find some great casual stuff to wear.

I guess it depends on what your personal style is. Mine is more UO than Barneys.