Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ebay Tidbits

I've been browsing through Ebay quite a lot these past few days, so I thought I would post some tidbits related to Ebay.

- According to a recent WSJ article, the most recent popular search words for clothing are Ed Hardy, Nike, Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch! Must be all the young kids out there hanging out at Ebay, because no way would I search for those items (maybe Ed Hardy shirts for people my age, but definitely not the others)!

Ok, I do admit that I have an 8 year old turtleneck I love to death from abercrombie, which Ervy tugged & ripped during a pugtona session. My momma also recently brought me a brown sweater from there - apparently she and K's aunt went shopping there. Can you imagine short little asian mommas walking through that bass-booming, cologne-smelly, dark place? With huge posters of naked boys?

- I came across these cool 80s boots during the last minute of the auction, and was furiously entering 3 bids during the last 30 seconds. Craziness - needless to say, I did not win. Sniff - they're so cool. . .and they're really from the 80s but are NEW!

IMG_3551 IMG_3560

- I did come across another pair of boots that were interesting - they're labeled as magenta/pink, but it's kinda risky to buy them w/o seeing them in person first. . .they could be bright pink for all I know! On the right are some Burberry Prorsum heels that are totally not even in my price universe, but cause me to drool . . .Lilo - how about those for your next splurge :)

dsp_b3 130422710_tp


thao said...

Oh, the burberry heels are TDF! I'm not too sure about the pink boots, it really depends on how the color is IRL. The 80s boots are and leggings in one. What a concept! :)

thao said...

Oh, i forgot to add...I play on eBay every day too. I have a list of things I always check for. One of them is a Ed Hardy scarf, would love to get one, but i did consider how young that would make me seem?

Shopaholic Homebodies said...

Hey Thao,
interesting! what does the scarf look like? I have to admit I like the Ed Hardy tees. . .
hey, have you seen these JCs? still pricey, but at least in the possibility range. check it out:


thao said...

Ohh, those strappy JCs are really cute! I just need to try on shoes before I buy them, so I wonder where I can check them out IRL?

Lilo said...

I LOVE the Burberry shoes, I've seen them on another blog and fell in love. They are hardcore yet so fabulous!