Sunday, November 9, 2008

Inspiration from Nihon. . .

Thanks to a recent blog posting on Fruchtzwerg's Island, I am now addicted to DROP. I spent hours browsing through the images on the first day I visited the site. . .here are my favorites.

Drop 6 Drop 7

it seems like every strand of her hair is perfectly in place, and her headwear perched just right. . .I'm fascinated by all the patterns & textures of her outfit.

Drop 4 Drop 5

this lady is my hair style idol :) I love the tinges of purple.

03a 03b

where can I find those dimples for sale?

Drop 3 Drop 8 drop 31

I love the mix of the 1st one, the interesting straps on the second, and the elegant all-black look on the 3rd.

02a 01a drop 30

blazer commonality. . .

Drop 1 Drop 2

I love these 2 pictures above. . .that guy has a beautiful nose. and skin. and hair.

couple 1 couple 2

couple wearing vintage. . .

guys 05a

I find the 2 pics above adorable - the guys holding their drink cans in a similar fashion, and the height difference & fur hat on the 2nd!


thao said...

Many of those girls seem to have the perfect do they do that?!?!? I can barely keep my hair brushed.

Lilo said...

the streaks in the first girl's hair is amazing. it definitely fits her style. i would never be able to pull something like that off. props to them! :)