Monday, November 10, 2008

Gossip girly

Exhibit A.

So I got this girly dress from a Taiwan department store during a visit about 4 years ago, and wore it twice while in Taiwan. After returning to the States, I realized I would feel too frilly-nilly self-conscious wearing it in the US. So it was banished to the back of my closet. Actually, its status was even lower -- it was exiled to the guest bedroom closet downstairs.

exhibit a_10nov08

Exhibit B.

I got this sweater blazer from TJMaxx about 4 years ago, and always wore it to work only, and with the same beige tank top and black pants over. . .and over. . .and over. However, I recently got sick of wearing my stuffy consulting clothes so it was pushed to the back of my closet (I was a stuffy dresser as a consultant because it was so much easier for me to pack black and basic stuff rather than being creative).

exhibit b_10Nov08

Items A + B = . . . .Gossip Girly?

I was flipping through an old Lucky magazine yesterday, and saw a page of frilly layered dresses. Then a couple page flips later, I saw a sweater blazer that looked exactly like the one in exhibit B. As I was thinking to myself what a great deal I got on mine and how other suckers had paid ~300 for theirs, it all somehow clicked in a second, and resulted in the outfit below.

I was seriously going to chicken out and change to another outfit in fear of receiving laughter or snickers at work (who wears party dress-looking things to work in the city I live in?), but surprisingly it went well. . .or at least, no snickers that I know of :)

I also get bonus points for using my old blue bag -- it's a jewel toned blue bag that I stalked for months at TJMaxx over 6 years ago. Good thing no one else wanted it! But sadly it just collected dust for about 5 years during my stuffy fashion phase. I had to wipe off the dust while at work today.


I'm on a mission to wear everything in my closet so I gave a heads-up to my 2 girl co-workers, alerting them that I may be wearing some wacky stuff :)


Dru!!! said...

thanks! Sometimes I get scared of myself looking into the mirror dressed like that too

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

liking the blog...and that's from a male's perspective. check out mine and i'd love feedback.

thao said...

Shasha - I like those pieces separately AND together. Once again, I'm amazed at the stuff you get from Taiwan! And I love your challenge to wear everything in your closet...I will try as well. :)

Lilo said...

what a great outfit Shasha! I love the color of the dress. Your shoes are way too cute as well! Seriously... when's the next trip to Taiwan?

Shopaholic Homebodies said...

Hey Lilo!
We're going to Taiwan again this December - wanna meet up :) we'll be in Kaoshiong.

I call it the night market, but the place we go to isn't really as "night markety" as the ones we usually think of. It's mainly small stores along a street, selling stuff at ridiculous prices. . .

hey! you might as well join us in HI too if you go to Taiwan :)