Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grey in the lead

I had claimed that blue was my favorite color. However, I need to face up to the facts, and confess that grey is actually my true love :)

When I shop at TJMaxx/Marshalls/Loehmanns, I always keep an eye out for a unique leather jacket at a reasonable price (~130 would be my price point). Though I have yet to find a fashionable one I am willing to shell out $ for, I figured I can dream about finding some similar to the ones below.

image1xl 2

dresses in grey. . .the right one is similar to something mrs. beckham wore. I guess that means it's pretty formfitting - eck, probably not comfortable :)

4 3

purses in grey. . .I think the 1st one is actually purple, but it looks grey to me :) I really want to touch the last one - it looks so soft.

11 12 10

shoes in grey . . . the first one has built-in socks! I wonder how they'll stay up through time though - may take tons of starch. . .

8 9 7

for Thao. . .purple stuff! they look so lucious - yum.

15 14

and for Lilo. . .the necklace below is from Disney couture! I love it!


. . .all items above are from . .


thao said...

Nice covetable items...I like the dresses, grey ankle boots, and those purple items.

Amelia said...

That asymmetrical leather jacket is stunning, I've been dreaming about it at Asos myself. :) It's pretty unique.

Lilo said...

I love the purple shoes, what a great deep rich color. I should look into this Disney coutoure thing to determine if I'm not too old to wear the jewerly. haha. Maybe I can pick some up this Thanksgiving when I'm stuffing my face with Mickey and Minnie!