Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project Runway

Anyone watch the finale tonight? Even though everyone said this season has been the most lackluster I still love watching the show. And the runway show is always my favorite part because you get to see a designer's whole vision and story for a collection instead of the one-off pieces in the challenges.

Kenley went first and her collection didn't seem cohesive to me. I do like her hand painted fabric and use of textures, but overall I liked this the least.

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Korto's collection had beautiful colors and everything looked immaculate. The dresses looked easy and graceful.

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My favorite was Leanne with all the intricate waves and pleats. Even though the color palette was a bit too simple, I loved the creams and blues. And she won - totally deserving!!!

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Lilo said...

You beat me to the post! haha I did see the finale last night, and after seeing Leanne's work, I was like, holy crap I have to post her collection. Right as the first dress came out, my mouth seriously dropped open. I LOVED her collection and her color palette! (those blues! hehe). And I loved her petal pleats. So beautiful. The other ones didn't excite me as much as hers did. I'm so glad she won! She totally deserves it. Now, I can't wait for her collection to show up on Bluefly, so maybe....I can save up and at least buy a skirt? haha

Shopaholic Homebodies said...

Ack! I haven't seen it yet, but glad that Leanne won. I really liked Korto's too, esp the lovely green. have to wait for K to watch it (more fun w/ him)

Anonymous said...

i think leanne's collection will be a lot better if she added a dark brown in the mix of colors.

Shopaholic Homebodies said...

Oh ya...a darker color contrast would be nice.