Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Handbag Fever

Looking at everyone's collection of shoes and bags make my collection seem weak. :(
When I get a big fat raise, I will go all out! Haha.
Until then, here is what I got.
My bag collection in no particular order (shoe collection will come later when I'm not too lazy to take all my shoes out of their boxes to take pictures):

1st set:

2nd set:

3rd set (and of course, I have to represent the Disney):

I'm still working on building up my collection. I think a dark purple would be nice. And of course, the burgundy Botkier Sasha Small Duffel, which I'm still thinking about.

And now I'd like to end this post by sharing my favorite bag of all time:

Who is that cute girl? Hehehe. Does she look like the real-life Lilo?


thao said...

Your Luv-n-care bag is too cute - I think you should take a picture in the same pose now and show it side by side (LOL). I like how you have a lot of color variety. And your collection is not weak - we actually have about the same amount of bags ~20. :)

Kari said...

SOOOO... Can I borrow the bag with your face on it and use it on the daily? When people say who is that I can say my BE partner in crime! Ha-llure!

Debbie said...

My favorites are your coach purses :) and the best HAS to be the disney, haha.

Shopaholic Homebodies said...

how cute! I think your collection has a good range of colors. I really like the green one, and the gucci one of course ;)