Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Fall Day

Today was a beautiful fall day - chilly and breezy...perfect for my new peacoat! It's the high-collar one from Gap that I posted about last week, I love it :)

Picture 059Picture 056
Picture 048


Jimmy said...


I love your background, and your outfit! You look beautiful.

wait a minute. . .are those your danskos? points off! just kidding :)


Lilo said...

Awesome, you score bonus points with that cool background! Were you in the boonies of D? haha, jk. But I agree with Shasha, you lose points with your danskos. NG! So I guess it evens out. :)

thao said...

This graffiti wall was actually in Inman Park...where we took Caleb for his grooming. I agree with taking away points for my Danskos...I need to find boots and more interesting shoes!