Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another variation on blue & grey

Here is another take on the blue & grey combination. . .

blue dress from taiwan night market, tights & shoes from UO, vintage necklace from momma

I was going to debut my funky grey boots, but K thought they were too funky/crazy for church :)


Lilo said...

What a CUTE outfit Shasha! I absolutely LOVE your dress. Gosh, how come I can't find good finds like you at Taiwan night markets? Probably because I'm too focused on the food.. haha. And that necklace is so beautiful and unique! That dress would like so great with bronze, gold-ish shoes (sans tights) to a wedding or nice dinner. I am so coveting your dress.

thao said...

Oh ya...I totally agree with Lilo. I love that dress and necklace!

thao said...

Forgot to ask, Shasha...are your shoes from UO comfortable? I'm thinking of getting the gladiator sandals.

Anonymous said...


Lilo: I always drool at the night market food! But my stomach is too scared:) I got 2 dresses, 2 nice shirts, 3 long-sleeve tees, 2 leggings, 1 jacket, 1 sweater for like $150 - insanity.
I tried to wear the dress alone. . .but eh, I think I'm too odd to wear such a short dress haha.

Thao: my grey shoes from UO are SUPER comfortable and sturdy - they beat all my other high heels, and most of my flats too! I like the gladiator sandals, but the laces come undone quite often, and I have to get a rubber sole added - the leather soles wear out really quickly. Other people commented on this, but I was really shocked at how quickly they wore down, even though I've only worn them once so far!

the black fringe ones are ok - the heels feel a little unsturdy for me. the maroon/purple flats are the worst out of the bunch - they result in sweaty feet :(