Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Morning Revelation

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On some Saturdays, I like to sleep in late sometimes even to noon! But this morning, I had the house to myself so I got up early to do some of my favorite things...eating cereal in my pjs and reading magazines while watching VH1's music countdown.

I was reading a great article about Isaac Mizrahi and it spoke to how I feel about fashion. I feel that some are born with style, others achieve stylishness and some will keep trying and fail miserably (the latter is me!). In Mizrahi's new book, How to Have Style, he helps ordinary women find their fashion personalities by developing an inspiration board of their favorite images, ideas and inner yearnings. He says that, "You can't have style without being inspired."

It makes me am I inspired? What inspires me? Sigh, I dunno. These days I'm just happy to be a passer-by in life...not wanting to be noticed by others. Stuff I wear is passable and coordinated...but what makes something fashionable and chic? When I was younger I took more chances in life, willing to try and fail and even wanting to be seen as different! Once in junior high, I went to church dressed in loose black pants, white shirt and a pretty pink/blue/yellow plaid tie because I saw it in a mag and loved the preppy juxtaposition between men's clothes on girls. Was I crazy? Daring? Still can't believe that my mom let me out of the house that day! LOL...I miss that girl.

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Shopaholic Homebodies said...

Yeah T, where is that girl who used to have green streaks in her hair? :)