Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Images from the Sartorialist. . .

Hi T,

2 images stuck in my head as I was scrolling through the Sartorialist archives today . . .

Here's #1:
Now doesn't that shirt above bring back memories of something? Like when you, my mom, and I went shopping at Zara over a month ago, and me and my mom tried on the same shirt -- that funky long, gray, thin, and oversized sweater? The sweater that was so cute, but had huge saucer things somehow exactly positioned over the boob area? Sigh, I still think about that shirt - if only it didn't have those booby saucers! Anyways, maybe I should have listened to my momma instead of myself, and gotten it - maybe this trend will be cropping up everywhere. Her facial expression seems to say "now don't you wish you got that UFO saucer booby shirt when you saw it! Maybe then you'll be captured on the Sartorialist!"

I may have to add UFO booby shirt to my list of fall "must have" items :)

Onto the next one - here is #2:
This chick is wearing like 5 colors, but in like 2 shades each! I was drawn to her shoes at first, then realized how cool the rest of her outfit is. Seeing her make those tights work, makes me want to get purple opaque tights too (and in sapphire and gray)! I want a beanie too. and some 2-tone oxford flats. and that cool blue dress.

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Anonymous said...

haha...I did think of you when I saw the first chick on the sartorialist, but I'm not sure the trend will catch on. maybe the shirt will still be there this weekend. the 2nd girl is super cute, my kind of preppy.