Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On the Lake

I went with friends to visit Lake Muhazi, which is 2 hours east of the capitol. It's known as a getaway for the Kigali elite to go relax by their lake-side homes (the President has a home on the other side). We went on a Sunday afternoon and visited the Seeds of Peace Center, which is a restaurant/meeting space run by the Episcopal Church. We sat under a thatched umbrella and saw beautiful birds, such as the Kingfisher, hawk, and this crested crane.


There is also a traditional Mwami hut on the resort grounds, a model replica of a King’s house from the former Rwandan monarchy. Unfortunately, though not unexpectedly, the food took over 1.5 hours to come out...but while we waited a small group of people came down and held prayer service under the nearby tree.



The long wait was well worth it. For less than $20, the three of us could not finish the huge grilled fish that came with fries and bananas.

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Isis said...

The wildlife there is amazing. Please keep sharing. Thanks.