Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kwita Izina

Last weekend, I was able to attend the naming ceremony of baby gorillas. This event stems from an old Rwanda tradition of naming newborns - Kwita Izina. It has now attracted hundreds of people and attention towards the conservation of the mountain gorillas. You can see the ancient volcanoes in the background:



There were several performers: dancers, drummers, and singers. Though I was under the VIP tent, I unfortunately couldn't get better pictures of the ceremony.




And since President Kagame was also there (we were only several rows behind him), his official band stood at attention for hours before he arrived...late.



The local people also attended en masse. There was a surge of people running out as the ceremonies ended and the children ran dangerously along our car, tapping the windows to wave and smile.


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Judy said...

Christie, how awesome you got to experience this....I can't believe how many things you get to do over the weekend!