Sunday, May 23, 2010

Peace Marathon

The 6th annual International Peace Marathon occurred this past weekend. I joined a group from the US embassy that did the 5K, there was another group that ran the relay marathon. It took place at the Amahoro stadium and was a hour late to start, due to the complete disorganization of the event. We were moved back and forth to different starting locations, no communication to the runners, and no water available on the course as promised. You would think that after 5 years, they would have figured out the basics...but it was definitely a fun event.

Rwanda 2010 067 Rwanda 2010 075


It was amazing to see the marathon runners, they were so fast! Most had finished a quarter of their 26.2 miles by the time we finished up our 5K. Here's our group before the race:

  Rwanda 2010 073 Rwanda 2010 071


There was a group of runners that ran and sang the whole way was quite a sight and so motivating.

Rwanda 2010 074

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