Friday, January 2, 2009

Conversation on Investments

Me: For my new year's resolution, I've decided to make a more concerted effort on wearing jewelry.

JW: Why jewelry and not make-up?

Me: Because it would cost more money to start wearing make-up. Make-up is a consumable good, whereas jewelry will last forever...they're more like investments.

JW (warily): You said your handbags were investments and they cost a lot of money.

Me: My bags ARE an investment! And not all my jewelry will cost a lot of money.

JW (suspiciously): ALL?!? Why can't you just wear the jewelry you have now?

Me: Most of them are useless, bad decisions from my mis-spent youth. I only have a few good pieces.

JW: Why can't you go back to vitamins again?

To satisfy JW's request, I went through my jewelry box tonight. Here are my rings, most of the silver ones are from junior/high school days...come on, didn't we all have a mood/puzzle ring at one point? (Dunno why I have an orange plastic ring or the CIA pin.) And I occasionally wear the DY or John Hardy ones.

Picture 482

The inside of my jewelry box holds my earrings, bracelets and a few necklaces. There was a time in college where I got several bracelets for presents, yet I never wear them. And though you can't see, I have 3 sizes of pearls and 3 sizes of silver ball earrings.

Picture 474

The rest of my necklaces are on a pants hanger on my closet door. All the silver ones have oxidized's been so long since I've worn them. And I don't have any gold necklaces - I have this belief that gold doesn't look good on my skin tone? Hmm...maybe that's where my jewelry investment should be in.

Picture 473

And oh, I wanted to show the pretty earrings that Shasha made for me a while ago. They're a beautiful purplish-blue chalcedony...she's so talented!

Picture 479


Anonymous said...

not an investment unless you plan to sell them in the future, possibly for a profit.

K (I am sure JW concurs)

Shasha said...

hehe, those earrings are like the only nice piece of jewelry I ever made :)

hey, tell JW that jewelry is a great investment, as long as you buy high quality, expensive ones!! with big rocks!

fuchsiaboy said...

woah! organized.

i just hang mine in wire hangers, hahaha!

jewelry is such an adult area for me. i'l stick to bags, shoes and designer accessories like those by margiela. :)

jw said...

I must say that when Miyu asked me whether she should go with makeup or jewelry. "Go with jewelry because you barely wake up early enough to brush your hair," I said. Why does she need make up anyway? I love her natural beauty.

razielle said...

i prolly should get good jewelry too because i have a daughter to pass them on to.:)

But i keep losing accessories so I don't know... I lost all of the gold earrings that my mom gave me. I even lost my college ring. I used to move a lot so I would lose a ring here, lose an earring there. Bah.

but you seem to be very conscientious about your stuff so investing in jewelry should work out for you :)

Dru!!! said...

Thanks for the comment on wewearthings! yeah, I liked the hand in hair pose for artistic styling.

JGeb said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Your jewelry collection is so very organized! Like your resolution to invest in more!

issa said...

oooh fantastic jewelry collection.. and so organized!

virginia said...

i love the earrings!
your necklaces: they're all thin and delicate. choose 3 and wear them together...get used to that before investing.

ps. you do not need make-up.