Monday, December 22, 2008

Me and Barak

So, guess who came to visit our offices? Why, Mr. President Elect Obama! He's shorter than I thought he would be.

Picture 429

Haha...ok, so I saw this cut-out as I was passing by the elevators and couldn't resist taking a picture with it. Mr. Obama was actually wearing a Santa hat (why someone would bring this in and put a hat on him, I don't know), but I took it off because THAT would be too much, eh?

Outfit: sweater from Ann Taylor, skirt from BR, Nicole shoes


Shasha said...

hehe, I think Obama needs a lei!!
or a manapua in his hands instead of glasses!
he's so skinny :)

we wear things said...

haha kute! love the belted cardi!

hope you guys have a very merry christmas!!