Thursday, December 4, 2008

Looks for less. . .LAMB peeptoe booties

I'm always fascinated by those "looks for less" shopping postings, where bloggers showcase (relatively) cheap alternatives to insanely expensive items.

Anyhow, here's my first one.


Can you tell which is the real deal? The grey ones are from Bakers, yellow ones are LAMB. . .I know there are folks out there who think you should get the real deal because they're better quality, but I'm sure those >4 inch heels will be hell (at least for a klutz like me) regardless of whether they cost >$300, or ~$75. Not to mention my upper price point/ceiling currently hovers around $120 for shoes - maybe the ceiling will get pushed up soon haha, especially since I'm now venturing beyond the old habit of wearing the same boring black work shoes basically everyday.

After looking at the 2 versions closely, I actually prefer the Bakers, because it doesn't have scales/scallops on the back. I can't imagine what I would do if all those little scales ever curl up. I'm already having issues with the ~6 long fringes that stick up on my black booties from UO - I need some doublesided tape or rubber cement to tame those fringes! I should take a pic of how they have been ridiculously sticking out :)


thao said...

I agree...I like the cheaper version better. And I totally understand about the whole friging thing. I had to "sew" my straps down on my Sasha to make sure they don't end up curling up.

Lilo said...

can i just say that the three of us may end up with the same pair of shoes? haha. I love those gray ones! I WANT. :)