Thursday, December 11, 2008

Like a stern school marm. . .

I dressed like a stern school marm today. . .

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11Dec08 2

11Dec08 4

Tahari blazer, Michael Kors black dress, TJMaxx belt, Uniqlo tights, Nine West shoes

I think the outfit looks similar to the basic boring outfits I used to wear for work, but I know it is an improved version because I definitely threw in more texture and details than I would have a year ago. . .like a fuschia belt, argyle tights, some sequins (on the neckline of the dress) and a tuxedo-striped blazer.

Interesting. . .those high heels are the only ones I wore for 4 years while in consulting. Man did I wear a lot of black flats during those years!

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thaocat said...

I like your tuxedo jacket and tho your outfit is all black, it's still interesting.