Friday, December 5, 2008

All the Basics

cardie? check!

U-neck tee? check!

black pencil skirt? check!

black tights? check!

granny boots? check!

I seem to have hit all the basics in my outfit today (well, the lace-up granny boots are stretching it a little bit, but oh wello).

P1000576 5Dec08

Old Navy cardie, Uniqlo skirt & tee, Walmart tights, vintage boots from Ebay

Those lace-up granny boots were the best deals I've scored on Ebay to date. $23 for almost new Bally boots? Wow. . .I'm still amazed.


April said...

omg, the uniqlo pencil skirt looks so good! and those boots are awesome.

thao said...

Are you wearing make-up? Do you usually? You're so cute in the second pose.

Shasha said...

Apple - yeah, I found it downstairs at Uniqlo, way in the back. Maybe there is some left! hehe, do those boots count as hipster?

Thanks Thao! haha. . .too lazy for make up. I did put on some powder to combat shininess though :) I think I was in the process of saying "hmmm. . .what should I do as my next pose" when K snapped the 2nd picture.