Friday, October 17, 2008

Spring 2009

Just some of my favorites from the spring 2009 collections.

Lanvin had gorgeous dresses that are simple and drapey and in bold, solid colors. I just love duchesse satin - imagine how these dresses must feel like swishing down the runway. Also nice to see that pointy shoes are not yet demode.

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Marni's collection reminds me of a little girl playing dress up with vintage pieces. Love the mixing of patterns - from circles to stripes to geometrics.

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Margherita da Fiorenza said...

I got a new little bag tonight. You are SUCH A BAD INFLUENCE! But it's so cute...

Lilo said...

I look at that Marni collection, and I can totally see you loving the clothes. I totally dare you to come to work wearing bold pieces like the Marni collection. :)

I love the blue dress from Lanvin. It's flow and baggy, yet still has shape. I think some of the shapes on Lanvin wouldn't be a flattering fit on "normal-sized" women. Some of the flowiness borderlines potato sacky to me.